Work Life a success, but Home Life a mess?

Beyond Work

Here at Carda, we serve many blazing entrepreneurs who run enterprises of varying sizes. They succeed because of their ability to focus single-mindedly on their business goals and we applaud them for it.

However, in a realistic world (that means, taking all those picture perfect instagram shots of entrepreneurs at work in idyllic environments should be taken with a huge pinch of salt), things get messy. We are talking about “behind the scenes” messy.

While you’re scoring and killing it on managing your social media campaign or winning accounts left, right, centre, your home desk grows with unpaid bills, documents that need filing and the books that you planned to read gather dust. To cap it all off, when the weekend arrives, you just want to unwind in a calm environment.

If the clutter doesn’t add to your anxiety and clearing them does not justify a place on your To-Do list, then stop reading this post.

On the other hand, if it takes up your head space, then read on.

Carda has been so fortunate to connect with Helen, a Canadian Professional Organizer based in Calgary, Alberta. She is Calgary’s first certified KonMari consultant. For those who have not caught on to the phenomenon that is Marie Kondo, here is a little wiki. Marie is an organizing consultant and her method of organising is known as the KonMari method. She advocates keeping only things that “spark joy”.

Read on for our interview with Helen. If you would like to schedule a consultation with her, here is how you can do it.

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Spark Joy with Helen’s Site

Thank you Helen for your insights and time.

Photo Credits: Helen’s Website and Guild Hall Home


Question 1:

Can you provide 3 tips to someone who wants to declutter but finds it intimidating to get started?

  1. The first tip is to know your why! Before you start, write down why you want to declutter and think about what kind of lifestyle will bring you the most joy once your home is in order. Having a clear vision in mind will really help you throughout the process.
  2. If organizing your entire home feels overwhelming, work in small sub-categories. In the KonMari Method, we work by category and not by location. If organizing all your clothing feels overwhelming, start with just your tops. You can break it down even further to tank tops, t-shirts, sweaters etc.
  3. Consider hiring a professional to help you as it will both save you time and give you the guidance, support and accountability you need to achieve your goal. It’s truly an investment in yourself and we can often work around your budget to create a plan that will work for you.


Question 2:

Can you share an experience with a client who has benefited from your decluttering expertise?

I truly believe everyone can benefit from this in different ways. One of my clients was an overwhelmed single mother when I first met her. She often ate on the go and found herself shopping online whenever she had time to kill or purchased multiples of the same item because she forgot she already had it. She has learned to slow down and sit down to enjoy her meals and to live and shop mindfully and intentionally. More importantly, she is radiating joy whenever I see her and has learned the importance of self-care. As a result, she doesn’t get as overwhelmed easily and is able to maintain her home using all the tools and steps she learned from our tidying lessons. Some people think this is just about getting your home and space organized but it’s so much more than that. It truly is an inside-out transformation that will set you up for a more joyful life including some life-changing magic!

Question 3:

Our customers are globe trotters with minimal luggage space, can you share a travel packing hack with them?

I am a big fan of travelling light and have done many extended trips with only a carry on. Before you start packing, think about where you’re going, how long you’re going for and what activities you will be doing. Once you know what type of clothing you will need, pack only the ones that sparks joy for you. Always fold everything the KonMari way to maximize your luggage space and pack your items by category in the suitcase so you don’t miss any essential items and can locate everything easily. If you’re sharing a luggage with other people, use packing cubes to keep everyone’s things separate.


Question 4:
What advice do you have for someone who finds it hard to let things go or discard things?

The most common reason people have a hard time letting go is because they have an attachment to the past or anxiety about the future. Think about whether that is why you’re having a hard time letting go of an item and concentrate on choosing what to keep rather than thinking about what to discard. Ask yourself whether an item truly sparks joy for you and if it fits into your ideal life.


Question 5:
What is the best thing about your job?

I absolutely love what I do and if I can sum it up in one word, it’s joy. To be able to inspire people to choose joy everyday and watch people transform before my eyes to live more joyfully has been the most rewarding part of my job. It really is a privilege when people invite me into their homes and I am so grateful to be part of their journey.