The best Business Manager award goes to …

Branding & Identity

Congratulations! You’ve made the ranks of an executive business manager.

You are now the person who keeps the operations running smoothly.

You are a planner and can anticipate the potential needs of your account managers and your marketers.

You succeed when they do and vice-versa.

Account Managers are constantly on the road, meeting with prospects and winning accounts.

Marketers arm your account managers with the essentials to win those accounts.

Things they usually need include impressive business stationery that are included in every customer touch point – at the first meeting during a networking event, a thank you note to acknowledge the meeting session, that piece of promotional material that will allow the marketing campaign to take flight.

So many things to think about, so little time.

Who can you turn to in a time like this?

Our guess: Your friendly online printer

Here are the reasons why:

1) Using an online printer simply means you won’t have to leave the comfort of your air-conditioned office to get a job done. Simply shoot an email across with the job specifications and have a cuppa

2) Online printers often provide design and layout services which can be helpful when your in-house creative is bogged down with work and simply cannot respond to you in time

3) Whilst in-person time is definitely important, a specific detailed email can also save you time and eliminate errors

Prior to that, here are some tips for you to find that perfect printer.

1) Read online reviews and testimonials on their print quality and level of service
2) Request for a paper swatch so that you can use that as reference for your future print jobs
3) Be very clear with your job specifications and timeline and ask your printer directly if that timeline is manageable from their end