Side Ways, My Way: Prinks Design

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In Side Ways, My Way, we interview Creative-minded people who spend their leisure time creating and designing.

Today, we spent time with Renee from Prinks Design.

Carda: Tell us what do you do in the day?

Renee: I design.

Carda: Tell us what do you work on at night and on the weekends?

Renee: Workshops

Carda: When did you start this project and what made you start it?

Renee: June 2016. I decided to start having Calligraphy Workshops to share my passion with others and also use it as an outlet for me to destress and have some time to myself amongst my hectic workload.

It started when a close friend of mine wanted to learn it from me, and from then on I have been having classes each month to cater to small groups of interested individuals.

Carda: What keeps you working on it?

Renee: I have a strong passion for calligraphy and all things related. My family & loved ones have been really supportive and because I have their unconditional love and support, I am able to share this with others who appreciates my work and what I do. This gives me the drive to continue pursuing my passion.

Carda: What would you like to achieve from this project

Renee: Not just for this project but for many other things that I’m creating under Prinks Design, I intend to turn it into a full- fledge business in the near future and at the same time be able to help and support my family as well.

I hope that by creating designs for others (i.e. weddings, corporate or events), I will also be able to expand my portfolio and at the same time help make that event / wedding a little bit more special and memorable.

Carda: Who do you want to reach through your project?

Renee: There have been mostly young adults / adults who has attended my workshops but I would like the opportunity to

be able to help youngsters find an alternative route to express themselves and cope better (in general). Practising calligraphy could help them become more patient, feel calmer and potentially be more disciplined. Whilst we are in a world full of technology and can get caught up using our phones, laptops and other gadgets, calligraphy also helps to slow things down and make us think more.

Carda: In your opinion, what is your next milestone for this project?

Renee: I would like to find ways to make my workshops more interesting to appeal to different groups of people. Perhaps the next item to check off my list would be to hold a class for students (:

At the same time, I am also planning to build up on my portfolio for Wedding clients.


Many thanks to Renee, founder of Prinks Design for sharing your thoughts with Carda.

Photos are provided by Prinks Design.

To keep up with more of her work, follow Renee on Instagram.