Design Assistance: Creative Conceptualization

Design Assistance: Creative Conceptualization

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Let’s face it, being a Graphic Designer is a Profession not to be taken lightly.

A Graphic Design Professional has been trained to communicate your message via visual mediums like illustrations, design, proportion, typography, spatial awareness etc.


Our design brief might be crystal clear in our mind and if you are able to articulate it to a T, good for you.

That will ensure that the graphic designer transcribes your vision exactly.

If so, your best option would be “Specific Design Brief”, with no creative leeway except to bring what you want to reality.


If you are not exactly clear and actually want to see what our Graphic Designer is capable of in terms of interpreting your brief, you might want to select the “Clear but Vague” or “Vague Brief so Surprise Me” options.

That way, you’ll ensure that your brief will be muscled together with some artistic opinion and suggestion on how to make your vision shine brighter.

Whatever you choose, we’ll need you to fill out a Design Brief Form to tell us what’s on your mind.


Specific Design Brief: Produces 2 Creative Options

Clear but Vague: Produces 3 Creative Options

Vague Brief so Surprise Me: Produces 4 Creative Options

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