Print Processes & Techniques

Print Techniques


Offset Printing

High quality printing that works well with other print processes due to high alignment accuracy and the ability to use specific Pantone colors. Recommended for brands that require that specific color tone. Also a great idea for large print runs.







Letterpress Printing

A very old print technique that creates a debossed effect i.e. a sunken in impression on the card. The best papers to showcase this effect would be cotton based fibrous papers.








Blind Letterpress Printing

The same process as letterpress printing above, the only difference is the absence of ink. This creates a debossed effect without color.






Foil Hot Stamping or Foil Blocking


An assortment of metallic, matte, shiny and even scratch foils at your fingertips for selection. Using heat, these foil sheets are pressed into the card stock to create great contrast. The impression level here is gentle and not debossed into the paper.







Blind Emboss

Making certain elements literally jump out of the paper, up and up, would be embossing. With the absence of ink, that would be a blind emboss which is obvious when people see and feel it.







Die Cutting & Kiss Cutting

Whatever shape you’ll like your paper goods to be, a special die cut frame can be made to that specification. Your paper goods will then be cut to shape consistently.







Duplexing or Mounting

The process of two or more sheets being mounted together. We recommend this when you have a specific paper thickness in mind.
Another idea would be to sandwich a specific colored card in the middle to add to the unique factor.







Gilt or Foil Gilting or Edge Coloring

The edges of the cards or invitations do not have to be undecorated. Colors can be applied via either foil sheets or direct Pantone Colors.
These always add a special touch.







Digital Printing or CMYK Printing

Perfect for print on demand, small print runs that require prompt turnaround. The color settings are CMYK based.









A sheet of plastic that is matte or glossy in nature layered over your finished product. Recommended to increase the durability of your paper goods, especially if there are going to be many hands on them.