Personalized Stationery

Beyond Work

The internet has definitely availed great methods of digital communication. With all its advantages, digital communication methods cannot replace the need for personal stationery. You will be misguided to think that personal stationery, as a method of conducting business is outdated. Business correspondence is simply not complete without the use of personal stationery.

The following are some of the advantages of using personal stationery:

  • Personal stationery helps create an impression on clients which determines the success of your business
  • When you send a client a note on your letterhead, it sets you apart from the rest of the crowd. This is because email messages have become so commonplace that they have lost their appeal
  • Personal stationery is a way of establishing your brand name if your business is still new. This is something you can’t possibly do with email

Some of the personal stationery you might consider using in your business include Note Card Sets with Envelope and Enveloper Liners; and Letterpress of Foil Hot Stamping.

Here are details about the two types of personal stationary:

Note Card Sets with Envelope and Enveloper Liners

Whether you are acting on your own or acting on your business, correspondence doesn’t get better than writing a note. It gets even more interesting when you are using note card sets with envelope and enveloper liners. Sending notes to your clients is a great way of showing you care. So is sending notes by mail to a friend. The extra perk is that these note card sets look so lovely and elegant that when you send a set to a friend or client, they’ll be impressed with more than just your kind thought.

Letterpress or foil hot stamping

Nothing makes the personal stationary more authentic than letterpress or foil hot stamping. It’s a method of printing in which a specially made foil stimulates ink printing features of large letterpress equipment. Unlike modern printers, this method provides mottled antique letterpress images. To enhance the use of personal stationary, this method of printing is slowly making a comeback. Letterpress or foil hot stamping is being used to create the same elegant note cards of the past. The artists who use these machines make a combination of contemporary and classic designs. Their efforts bring back the elegance of fine handcrafted products. With the addition of foil to the old letterpress design, very beautiful card designs are being created.

Personal stationary is certainly the way to go if you want to build your personal and business relationships. When you receive a letter in the mailbox, it’s like giving your relationships a new lease of life. With the application of letterpress or foil hot stamping technology, things can only get better. It only requires a little bit of time and creativity to have something to send through the post office. If you are looking for a great way to gift friends and family, personal stationary is the way to go.