Our Story

Carda started when both founders, J and S wanted some letterpress stationery that was sensible, elegant and unique. And so the journey began…


Taking hands-on to a whole new level, J started learning from letterpress communities all over the world, and was soon making letterpress plates from his own kitchen sink. That soon progressed to having customers from all over the world.


J & S were fortunate enough to meet a respected print enthusiast and veteran. In the spirit of endless possibilities, the trio founded Carda Lab where experiments are conducted all day and night.


The Journey

From the origins of wanting to provide premium and luxurious prints that are affordable to more people, as Team Carda grew, so did our Mission.

To delight, impress and create memorable exchanges in life – one piece of paper at a time.

Carda strives to be the place you can go for uncompromising high quality and where the experience is worth every cent.


The sky is not the limit


Carda continues to enjoy the journey of print, the continuous experimentation and the kind, encouraging words from our customers. We’ll keep chugging along.



Life = Time to #makeitcount + #makeanimpression