My name ….. is Neo!

Beyond Work

Aside from celebrating Keanu (Reeves) insistence on his name, this month we are also celebrating Singapore’s 53rd birthday.

A celebration of colour, identity, diversity and random trivia is what we bring to you this 8th month of the year.

  1. My name is … Neo!
    a. We have two aptly named calling cards from our letterpress Identity Collection for personalization with your own name: Design 1 and Design 2
  2. RED symbolises universal brotherhood and equality of man
    a. In light of that, use this promo code “RED10” upon checkout when you shop our Red Collection
    b. Just add your name and you’ll have your own personalized note cards and customized postcards
  3. Random Fact
    a. Singapore’s National Day 2018 theme song, We are Singapore was written by a Canadian jiggle writer, Hugh Harrison
    b. We embrace diversity and appreciate non-local talent!