The Battle of the Sexes

Print Techniques

I might be referencing the watershed event between Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs OR I could be talking about gender-specific die.

In common print finishing techniques such as embossing and debossing, die sets are an integral component.

Die Sets are usually made of metal and they consists of a male and female part.

An Embossing Die Set = 1 Male + 1 Female

The male part as anatomy would dictate, comprises of a face that features the raised image.

The female part is produced with a sunk-engraved image.

A Debossing Die Set = Exact Opposite of the Above

For both processes, the paper is placed between the two-sided die set and no ink is transferred in this process.

Now did I say, no ink? Yup, indeed.

Which means, the inking / printing would have to be done in a prior process.

This makes it tricky as if you want the emboss or deboss effect to land directly on your printed words for whatever quantity you need, you’ll have to ensure that the alignment of the words of card # 1 vs. card # 1000 has to be 100% in the same placement.

Now what print technique would you go for then? Digital or Offset?

That is a post for another day.

What about Letterpress Printing?

The outcome that Letterpress Printing produces is similar to debossing which is a downward pressure or push into your paper material.

The difference lies in letterpress printing pushing into the paper from one side.

Another difference is that you can letterpress print with ink or without. The print without ink is known as a “blind” or “colorless” impression.

Hence, the transfer of ink is done at the same time.

Hope this post clarifies the understandable confusion between Embossing, Debossing and Letterpress Printing.

Are they the same thing?










Source Image: Blind Deboss