Art – All Pressed Out

Print Techniques

We had the pleasure of working with a batch of Visual Communication students from Lasalle College of the Arts in the capacity of pressing their original art prints.

It was a multi-coloured experience for our Letterpress Printers who were challenged to produce solid areas consistently and for various area sizes.

Having said that, we overcame the challenges and came out unscathed.

Learning Points gleamed by Students:

  1. Blind Press is a No Color Press. And it requires a Print Cycle
  2. Large backgrounds of color can result in a Mottled outcome. Imagine the pressure being applied a large surface area vs. a specific point. This can be reduced as much as possible to the best of our ability, however mottled-ness should be expected
  3. Letterpress is an antique print technique, however it is capable of producing artwork files as sharply and crisp as expected of modern techniques. The different lies in the actual impression on the paper stock. Hence, if you want to replicate an old print technique of brush strokes, ensure that upon vectorization, the brush stroke effect is not lost. Letterpress printing can express the contents of vectorized artwork files 100%