Installing your own DIY Wallpaper

Space Decor

What to expect when you purchase from Wall Hug?

Our wallpaper panels are sold in a fixed size of 60cm x 1.2m, so measure the area of the wall you’ll like to cover to estimate how many panels you’ll require.

What will your order look like?

This is the package that you’ll get.

1 Transparent Ruler | 1 Squeegee | 1 Instruction Guide

How to Start?

Step 1: Clean the target wall with a damp cloth. Let it dry before you install the Wallpaper









Step 2: Unroll the Wallpaper Panels and Lay out the Panels in the order of the Pattern









Step 3: Mark out the area from which you’ll like to align and start the pasting of the wallpaper









Step 4: Peel back the backing paper of the Wallpaper and Trim off the backing paper. Start to stick the Wallpaper in alignment with your markings









Step 5: Paste, Align and Smooth the Wallpaper to squeeze out any bubbles









Step 6: When pasting the next panel, be mindful to align the patterns









Step 7: Finally, when all is pasted. Trim off the excess wallpaper with a craft knife








Worried about not being able to do a good job?

No fear. This material is entirely re-positionable and removable.








Should you need to peel it off to readjust or realign, just do so.









Just be gentle and slow in the removable.

Tips: To pull taut when you are pasting and smoothing it out.

Happy pasting!

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