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Entrepreneur Life

Carda was started by a tinker mechanic friend of mine who decided to master the whole letterpress print process in his room. Coincidentally, we both wanted to order letterpress cards at the same time and it led us to selling card sets online.

I kinda went into it with a mixture of excitement and naivety, so I guess yes, full of unjustified confidence. We just decided to give it a shot and off we went, sweating buckets in a storeroom with no air conditioning. (note: we are in tropical Singapore averaging 32°C / 89.6°F daily)

Definitely. Having to define and structure your own routine when you have no clue how to start was definitely interesting. We had to discipline ourselves to use any downtime to drum up more business. Finances-wise, we had to be more prudent and mindful about what we would like to buy vs. what we really needed.
I think I dealt with it with fresh open-mindness, the novelty was there and cycling to work daily made me feel scrappily gungho.

I think I started out as a spray & pray kind of person, trying everything, meeting everyone, being optimistic about a lot of things. Over time, the positive essence eventually blended in with a good dose of discernment that has since turned me into a better decision-maker.

Carda has taken on many personalities over the past 3 years and the one that really stuck and resonated with our customers is the fact that we can be relied on to move fast, anticipate and produce quality paper products that can be counted on to make the right impression.

The print industry has such staying power globally and it is interesting to see how printers continue to innovate in what they sell and in the ways they serve their customers.
Carda continues to serve the small business owner, the one man/woman business, the freelancer in ways that allow them to promote their brand using luxurious paper items that don’t break the bank.

Thankfully, I haven’t had to make one yet.