Designer Talk: The Workbench

Branding & Identity

The Posting

The Workbench: I Am Kevin T (IMKT) is a digital agency that works primarily with text characters to design and code interactive digital solutions. Inspired by ASCII, we developed his identity and visuals using only text characters.

Playing with positive / negative space, the logo can be seen both ways, reflecting the agency’s services of offering both front-end and back-end digital solutions.

The Possibilities

The Workbench: We also thought about using pixel art as a possible angle to design this brand identity.

The Process

The Workbench: Our design process typically starts with a brainstorming session with our clients, identifying and aligning our thoughts before we move on to the actual designing of the brand. This ensures that we’re all on the same page when proposing our designs to the clients.

Moving forward, the name cards and other collaterals will then be designed based upon our initial discussion. We see design as a collaborative effort between the designer and the client in order to create the best outcome that suits the client’s needs

The Preen

The Workbench: We are proud that our client is happy with the outcomes we have designed for him.

The Pain

The Workbench: We were lucky to have a nice client like Kevin. We did not really face any challenges for this particular project.

The Present

The Workbench: We’re glad that the branding has been well received by the community. Favourite Comment: “I am glad that the application of the identity was kept in mind while designing.”

The Potholes

The Workbench: We did not face any potholes for this particular project.

The People

The Workbench: As mentioned, we see design as a collaborative effort between the client and the designer. Chemistry is definitely important as the designer has to know the client’s needs in order to create the best possible outcome for them.

It should not be a case whereby designers guess what the client wants, or worse, designing the outcomes based on selfish reasons just so they can win design awards.


Business Stationery Specs:
Likely to use the Digital Press to Produce, with envelopes requiring a die cut mould.


Many thanks to The Workbench for sharing your thoughts with Carda.

The Workbench is a local but global Graphic Design studio and sweatshop based in Singapore. Naturally curious, we love to experiment and develop purposeful ideas and content across all disciplines.

To keep up with more of their work, check out their portfolio on Behance