Designer Talk: Huey Lau

Branding & Identity

The Pin

Huey: Performance Sports & Rehab Specialists Businesscard

The Posting

Huey: The client is a dedicated sports and rehab specialist who is one of the few doctorate allied professionals in Singapore and located in an upscale medical centre. The clinic works on performance optimisation through mechanics and orthosis. They wanted to reflect the core of their business (sports/athletics performance) and also ethical professionalism.
The client was also game enough to depart from the usual sports connotations (rough, industrial look) and to explore a more finessed visual language.

The Possibilities

Huey: As the client and I had a very collaborative and on-going dialogue, the idea and visual language was quite focussed and single-minded. We decided the positioning (performance-human-science) and created 2-3 visual designs that carry that idea.

The Process

Huey: The creative process involved doing research (nature of the profession, terminology), having a collaborative effort with the client (on-going dialogue, the ability to also view things/ideas from their perspectives), then distilling these into a single-minded design idea.
The visual language is simplistically derived from the idea of human muscles – instead of a literal interpretation of muscles, we created an abstract sense of the concept through variable linework, reflecting the tensile strength and agility of this fascinating part of the human anatomy.

The Preen

Huey: I’m most proud that the design was borne through a collective – open dialogues with client, designer, and production specialists – everyone willing to experiment and giving it a go. The appreciation from the client, and them telling me how they’re still getting raves for it is definitely a bonus.
Icing on the cake is you guys thought it’s cool too πŸ™‚

The Pain

Huey: The challenges were quite contained and mostly production focussed – the client had the utmost trust as they had known of the work I do/did, so they understood what they were getting into! The very regular conversations we have through the whole process perhaps also greatly reduces the typical challenges designers face with clients.
The production challenges to me were not daunting as I had the opportunity to discuss in depth with Carda (hello Siyun!) on what we can achieve (e.g. client’s budget, print methods or feasibilities) and maintain the integrity of what we set out to do.

The Present

Huey: See above and happy to say I haven’t received any hate mails on it either (on least fave comments). But design is not to please everyone – so I don’t expect it will please every single person. If it pleases the people who were on the design journey, I think that’s good enough.

The Potholes

Huey: I guess the only ‘pothole’ I think we encountered was managing the linework so that the execution is still refined, but with printability – we still managed to execute to the standard we wanted, again due to many on-going conversations with Carda.

The People

Huey: I think more of the relationship you build with your client – my guiding design rule – had always been be open and genuine during the creative process, and that will build the relationship and trust. That doesn’t mean not having an opinion, but also means seeing more of a fruitful partnership.
Having a body of work that resonates with your clients (or client-to-be) also helps.


Business Card Specs:
Digitally Printed Cards with Embossing


Many thanks to Huey for talking with Carda.

To check out more of Huey’s work, check out herΒ website.