Designer Talk with… David Ferris

Branding & Identity

The Posting

David: I needed business cards for my work as a sculptor. I also like the idea of anyone interested in my work having their own little sculpture. So I designed a business card that transforms into a do-it-yourself sculpture. Now whoever gets my card can feel the profound gratification of making and owning their own little sculpture.


The Process

David: I went through a lot of prototypes. The right balance of working as a business card and a sculpture was a challenge. Simplicity was key, I had to make sure the sculpture making process wasn’t too difficult for people or I would lose them.


The Pain

David: The biggest challenge was getting the exact positioning right for the die cutting on the score/fold of the base so the card would stand up straight when made into a sculpture.

The Present

David: People genuinely get excited when they get this card. Numerous people have the little sculpture sitting on their desk or on a shelf. It makes them happy, which makes me smile.



Business Card Specs:
Digitally Printed Card with Scoring & Die Cutting


Many thanks to David for sharing your thoughts with Carda.

Photo Credit: David Ferris

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