Behind The Card: Love, Yu

Branding & Identity

Carda: Tell us about your business

Love, Yu: // Fashion // Brides // Singapore/rest of the world // Singapore / online

Carda: What made you start this business?

Love, Yu: Found simple wedding gowns amiss in Singapore

Carda: Branding is everything these days. What do you envision for your brand?

Love, Yu: Greater recognition internationally and synonymous to what it stands for – simple, chic and affordable wedding gowns

Carda: What made you select the business card design and finishing that you have now?

Love, Yu: I wanted a simple and pretty thank you card to match the brand

Carda: Which social media channel do you find the most useful for engaging your fanbase?

Love, Yu: Instagram, Facebook

Carda: What other business stationery do you use that you feel has served you well in terms of engaging your fans?

Love, Yu: Look books

Carda: How do you find a good balance in your daily life while growing a business?

Love, Yu: I’ve a pair of 11 month old twins so I’m not sure how to answer this question! Haha


Business Card Specs:
Blind Letterpress Print on 300gsm Cotton Card Stock


Thank you Eelyn for taking time to give Carda your responses despite your busy schedule as an entrepreneur and full-time Mom!

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