5 things everyone should talk to their Printer about before printing their business cards

Ordering Name Cards

Printing your business cards online seems like a very straight forward thing to do.

However, the number of blotched up print jobs and disgruntled customer reviews on online print shop sites point to the opposite.

Here at Carda, we were noobs at printing and learned about the process and its techniques by reading and experiencing.

So based on what we have learned, this is what we think you need to tell your printer in order for them to recommend the best type of paper and technique for your business cards.

  1. Email them your business card design and tell them which elements of the card you’ll like to emphasize e.g. you want your logo to really stand out
  2. Tell them the quantity you’ll need right now and later on in 3 months time
  3. Tell them your budget
  4. Tell them the impression you want to give off e.g. mass appeal down to earth vibe vs. luxury premium retailer vs. eco-friendly chic
  5. Tell them if you plan to print this card for other employees in your company in the near term (i.e. in 3 months from now)

With all these information, your printer will be able to best recommend a print technique that works for your needs and find a paper stock that is compatible with it.

Sounds easy enough?

Good luck my friend.