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The Beginning

Carda started when both founders, J and S wanted some stationery that was sensible, elegant and unique. They found it in the form of letterpress cards. J found it in America and S found it in Singapore And so the journey began…

The Middle

Taking hands-on to a whole new level, J started reading Briar Press and learning from letterpress communities all over the world, and was soon making letterpress plates from his own kitchen sink. That soon progressed to buying a heavy duty, Chandler & Price Platen Press with S.  The hot and humid print journey in a small storeroom in Eastern Singapore then went on to include customers from all over the world.

The Now

J & S were fortunate enough to meet a respected print enthusiast and veteran. With that, our Platen Press has joined his Modern Family of printers. In the spirit of endless possibilities, the trio founded Carda Lab where experiments are conducted all day and night. All in the bid to create goods that make you and your personal / business brand look good.

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