Designer Talk: BÜRO UFHO

Designer Talk: BÜRO UFHO

The Posting

BU: The brief was to build a solid foundation for the brand and help the newly established company stand out from competition.

The Possibilities

BU: After meeting the client and understanding what they required, we came up with the proposal and we were glad that they trusted us and gave us the green light.

The Process

BU: Understanding our limitations guided our creative choices. In order to keep the cost down for the start up, we went for digital printing instead of Offset. Gone were the fancy foil-blocking or debossing. However, with digital printing we knew we could have a variety of different cards as we are not bounded by the quantity restrictions of Offset printing. So this resulted in a 150 variations of colorful name cards.

The Preen

BU: The name cards turned out better than expected, the colors were full. Each 600gsm card is made up of 4 cards compressed together (with the middle 2 a different color) so there’s a nice quality feel to it, which is crucial for the new brand.

The Pain

BU: Some design considerations would be avoiding similarity with the competition, legibility at small font sizes, to ensure that the proposed identity would work well and also to be flexible enough to adapt in the era of social media. Being a new player in the industry, the brand identity would need to portray confidence and timelessness.

The Present

BU: The identity and name cards have been featured on design blogs and communities such as For Print Only and Behance, and a few books such as Good Idea 4, Nice to Meet you Again, and Designing your Identity.

The Potholes

BU: We were saved by the great service of the digital printer because the first batch of namecards came with registrations that were off and some boxes of cards turn out faded. We fully understand the limitations of digital printing so we had expected things like these to go wrong. We contacted them and were offered a new batch that came out perfect. It could have been disastrous if it didn’t turn out right and we were glad to have taken the risk to realise the concept.

The People

BU: Client chemistry is of utmost importance. Like-minded clients would be truthful at meetings and this can help you really understand the brief. With a clear brief, you can get down to work. They tend to get your concept better and trust your expertise. There is no need for second or third options and the whole process turns out to be faster and more efficient.


Business Card Specs:
Duplexed Digitally Printed Cards


Many thanks to the talented duo for talking with Carda.

To keep up with more of their work, check out their Instagram and website.

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