Designer Talk: Beatrice Cho

Designer Talk: Beatrice Cho

The Posting

BC: The Wedding Stylist wanted something simple, elegant and something to remember.

The Possibilities

BC: Every project is completely different. For The Wedding Stylist, a wedding planner, knowing that they are experts in creating memorable and intimate experiences provided my inspiration. My goal was to create an elegant yet friendly and approachable logo. At the same time, a quality I wanted to portray was reliability. Hence, elements that looked sturdy and heavy were included in the bid to create an image of being “grounded” – simply because you are placing your Big Day’s planning in the hands of these great planners!

The Process

BC: First, I will try to get inspired. In this case, I was looking at mandalas, floral borders and even monograms. To progress, I began with some thumbnail sketches, exploring different styles. Sometimes even though I have something in mind, it does take a few attempts to get one that really fits! I guess having learnt that “we can’t fall in love with our first idea” has influenced me. Personally, I think that having all the different ideas sketched out, made it easier for me to pick and see what would be the best one.

The Preen

BC: Well, I have never dealt with any logo designs in relation to floral patterns. So, I was glad that this challenged me as a designer to do something out of my comfort zone and better yet, I made it happen! At the same time, I’ve always been a fan of traditional methods of design, such as drawing and sketching. Hence, was grateful to be given the opportunity to create a completely new logo for The Wedding Stylist and to be able to work alongside them in understanding their brief.

The Pain

BC: Trying to refine the chosen logo. The chosen logo has a flora banner and it was a challenge to make the banner balanced and not look lopsided. I had to try many ways to manipulate the angles of the flowers in order to find that perfect angle.

The Present

BC: I guess my favorite comment was “Oh my god?! You actually drew that?”

The Potholes

BC: Exploring with swirls and vines that ended up looking too mystical and gothic, certainly not the direction The Wedding Stylist would go for. Having said that, it was a fun process for me to explore different ways and execution styles!

The People

BC: Well, Carda did! It was fun to be working with Carda and Co. all these years – the friendly duo! The Wedding Stylist was definitely helpful in guiding me towards the right direction of what they had in mind. Personally as a designer, we also have to inject our sense of self and personal style into whatever project that comes our way. At the end of the day, be happy with what you’re doing and your work will become your play!


Business Card Specs:
1 Custom Color Letterpress Print on 600gsm Cotton Stock


Many thanks to Beatrice for sharing your thoughts with Carda.

To keep up with more of her work, check out her portfolio on Cargo Collective