A Day in the Life: Bee Choo Origin

Entrepreneur Life

The age old fear of hair loss is not only being managed but rather. conquered wonderfully by Bee Choo Origin.
In the first issue of A Day in the Life, we follow the MD of the brand through her day and learn about the driving force behind growing a clean beauty empire, seeded by a 100% chemical / preservative / additives-free herbal paste.


Xue Ting Lim, General Manager of Bee Choo Origin

Job Description

Strategist | Idea Generator | Action Taker | Trouble Shooter | Talent Manager

I make things better by allocating resources to their best use.

Fav Part of the Job

XT: Being able to meet and work with a variety of unique individuals from various industries and to exchange ideas. It’s very different from my previous experience as a Optometrist. In this role, I’m empowered to make my ideas come true and that makes my work very satisfying.

Least Fav Part of the Job

XT: Paperwork. There is a huge amount of time dedicated to that which means lots of time desk- bound.

Advice for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

XT: Have a vision of the kind of person or entrepreneur you would like to be and work hard towards it. Listen to the advice your seniors have for you. Learn and benefit from their experience. Make bold decisions, you only have one shot at life. Be daring to live it.

Your Work Day begins at…

My work day starts at 12pm. I am not a morning person.


10am: Wake up, check my phone for any urgent messages or emails

10.30am: Hot nice shower, Dress for work, etc

11.00am: Heavy brunch then drive to work

12.00pm: Start work – Go around table to table to speak to my colleagues who have started their day early (at 9am) to ask if they need anything from me (advice, approval, supervision etc.) At this point of time, they would have made progress with their work, so I can provide input on their tasks.

01.00pm: While others go to lunch, I work on checking and replying to the rest of the emails and Facebook messages or customer inquiries.

01.45pm: Work on Google MyBusiness to claim listings of our physical stores, update the operating hours, addresses etc.

02.15pm: Work on buying new email domains for the expanding team as well as changing the domains for our official email address

02.30pm: Follow up with my IT guy on how to purchase the domains (as I failed to figure it out on my own) as well as to retrieve account details of our shutterstock account from our former designer who had gone to New Zealand to work

03.00pm: Purchase lego pieces to prepare for our year end dinner centrepiece. We are going to recreate our logo in lego

04.00pm:  Go through the cheques and invoices which require approval for clearance

04.30pm: Small break for tea-time with Famous Amos Cookies

04.45pm: Short discussion with colleagues who require my opinion on the upcoming bus advertisement and we make some changes to the artwork to achieve the best effect

05.15pm: Prepare Giro Payment for our staff salary for both companies

05.45pm: I’m not a fan of UOB Payroll. It’s really time consuming. I finally finish up with Giro payments. Then I listen through the jingles created for our commercial and provided my feedback.

06.00pm: My colleagues are finished for the day. I continue to work on exploring new marketing ideas for the company and source for possible vendors to work with.

08.00pm: I feel hungry

08.30pm: Home-cooked dinner by Dad (Stir Fry Beansprouts, Lotus Root soup, Claypot pork with rice)

09.00pm: Unwind for the day. My preference is for online dramas or anime.

10.00pm: I get a call from the Director who wants to discuss a problem with our distributors.

11.00pm: End of Call. Time to sleep


Business Card Specs:
Digitally Printed Matte Laminated Cards


Much thanks to Xue Ting & Bee Choo Origin for speaking with Carda.

Do learn more about Bee Choo Origin’s clean and green ways and engage like-minded individuals by joining their lovely community.