Behind the Card: Bandboo

Behind the Card: Bandboo

Carda: Tell us about your business

Bandboo: We have reinvented insurance through our community assurance programme, whereby people can come together and protect one another against anything they want. No longer do we have to be held hostage to insurance companies and pay hefty fees. Our customers make a contribution only when a payout is needed and 100% of their contribution goes to the payout.

Carda: What made you start this business?

Bandboo: The co-founders of Bandboo often wondered what happens to the huge premiums we have been paying to insurance companies each year. It came as a shock to us that in any typical policy, more than half the premium we pay in the first year goes straight into the pockets of insurance agents. We have no issue against people making a living through sales. However, we find it immoral that the very people who claim to be protecting us from financial risks are the ones who are gouging us behind our back.

Carda: Branding is everything these days. What do you envision for your brand?

Bandboo: We want to be known to people as a company that is designed to have the interests of customers at the heart of our business model. The co-founders do not personally claim to have higher moral standing than executives in the big insurance corporations. However, we put in scientific and thoughtful design to ensure that our business model is built upon strong moral foundations.

Carda: What made you select the business card design and finishing that you have now?

Bandboo: We were quite set on having a high quality finish on the namecard to try and stand out when we meet our counterparts, Carda carefully went through the different design options with our designer to help us identify the right paper.

Carda: Which social media channel do you find the most useful for engaging your fanbase?

Bandboo: We feel that in this modern age, Digital Social Media Marketing is definitely the way to effectively engage with customers. Bandboo uses Facebook as its main form of marketing as it allows us to precisely target the customer segments whom we want to convey our message to for each campaign.

Carda: What other business stationery do you use that you feel has served you well in terms of engaging your fans?

Bandboo: We particularly like simple items that our members can use in their day-to-day lives, such as lanyards, pens, pencil.

Carda: How do you find a good balance in your daily life while growing a business?

Bandboo: Due to the ongoing preparation for the official launch of Bandboo, it would be a lie to say that we currently have a good balance in our daily life. We don’t expect much of a change over the next 12 months. Hopefully we are able introduce some balance and take a well deserved break when things are more stable.


Business Card Specs:
Full Color Digital Printing with Matte Lamination


Much appreciation to the founders of Bandboo for taking the time to talk with us. Find out more about them on their website and be sure to join their community.